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Smart Scripts And More CRM Updates

Smart Scripts And More CRM Updates
Yana Zatsarnaya
April 19, 2021
Last updated: April 21, 2021
We are glad to inform you that we've updated Bitrix24 CRM with some cool features & minor changes:

Smart Scripts

In Bitrix24 you soon will be able to automate work with deals and leads, using smart scripts. For example, you have deals in which you need to assign single-type tasks for your agents and schedule calendar appointments. For such deals, you can set up a sequence of robots that will perform these actions.


Product Interface Updates

We have made the work with products more convenient: expanded the functionality of the product list, simplified products search & creation. For example, now you can create a new product with basic fields filled directly in the lead or deal card (in the CRM Store or even inside the sales chat).

Duplicates Merge 

Automate everything. No need to manually run duplicate merge anymore. The Auto duplicate merging option will hep to unite leads, contacts and companies that have the same information. The frequency of the auto search can be configured as well.

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